Exciting News! Darwin North celebrates nine years supporting Chumkriel Language School near Kampot Cambodia.

Darwin North has been working with Chumkriel Language School since 2013. In 2016, it became the club's first Rotary Australia World Community Service project when Darwin North became the project sponsor, taking over from the Rotary Club of Dubbo. The continuing association combined with Rotary teams visiting annually from 2013 to 2019 inclusive has seen many achievements and improvements:

  • English Literacy Assessment Program (2014): Students attending the Evening School are assessed annually to determine their progress in English language acquisition. Students are assessed using PM Benchmark Reading Assessment Kits 1 and 2, Probe 2 Reading Assessment, 300 sight words and basic alphabet skills. Up to 500 students are assessed across three campuses.
  • Reading Eggs Program (2019): Students attending the Chumkriel Learning Centre are assessed using PM Benchmark  to determine their reading levels. Students who are ranked below Level 10 are eligible to join the Reading Eggs program which is an internationally recognised interactive computer based learn-to-read program. There are 62 students enrolled in 2022.
  • Solar Lighting (2017): Solar panels were installed in the Learning Centre to reduce utility costs for the school. Solar energy is also used to pump water from the school pond to the student toilets.
  • Community Housing (2017 - 2018): Two teams of Rotarians from Darwin North and Dubbo South constructed four houses for identified impoverished residents. The teams introduced new building techniques - riveting and screwed wall panelling which made the houses more secure and weatherproof. Two houses were also installed with solar lighting. Two toilets and a kitchen were also built.
  • Teacher Mentoring (2013 - 2019): Teaching practices in the Evening School by an experienced teacher who mentors the teachers to improve their skills.
  • Professional Development (2013-2019 and 2022): Workshops in literacy and reading have been conducted each year based on classroom observations, literacy assessment program and Reading Eggs program. The programs are delivered to up 16 Cambodian teachers on an annual basis. 
  • School Board (2019 - ): The RAWCS project manager was elected to the Chumkriel Language School Board, one of only two non-Cambodian members.
The club has funded CLS annually since 2016. The initial MOU provided for four projects - Community Classes B,C,D, Literacy Assessment, Shelter Building and Minor Works. Since 2019, the club funds two projects - Community Classes B,C,D (approx 100 students) and the Reading Eggs subscription. Funding will be reduced from 2022.