The Rotary Club of Darwin North in conjunction with Rotary Karatu in Tanzania have successfully completed a Rotary Australia World Community Service project on the borders of the Serengeti National Park which has achieved a win-win for both villagers and elephants alike.
The 4 Village Project has seen the delivery and installation of four steel shipping containers into the villages of Tamkeri, Bisarara, Kwikongo and Kyambari. The containers are used to house seedlings and harvested crops for each village. The containers also protect the harvested food from being destroyed and eaten by marauding elephants from nearby Serengeti National Park. A volunteer ranger program is being established in each village to herd the elephants away from the villages. Additionally, a line of African bee hives is being established to provide a further non-lethal line of defence. The African bee is respected by all animals. The project has the potential to save up to 25,000 lives from famine-induced hunger as well as the establishment of subsidiary industries which contribute to each village's economy. 
The 4 Village Project is a joint undertaking by Darwin North (Australia) and Rotary Karatu (Tanzania) through Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS). It is expected the project will conclude by the end of the year. The processes and project information is available for interested clubs and parties.